Can I Purchase Directly from Summit Agencies?2020-03-15T01:18:32+00:00

No. Summit Agencies is not a distirbutor or reseller. As a Manufacturers Representative Agency, we act as a proxy on behalf of our manufacturing partners here in Western Canada. Think of us as an extension of each manufacturers technical sales and marketing departments.

Do I Address My Purchase Order To Summit Agencies?2020-03-15T01:36:15+00:00

No. If you’re a distributor, please address your PO’s directly to the manufacturer. If’ you’re an end user or OEM please address your PO’s to the appropriate channel partner. If you have additional questions on this topic please reach out to your local rep

Do You Also Act As a Distributor?2020-03-15T01:38:33+00:00

No. We act exclusively as a third party sales force under contract to represent our manufacturing partners.

I Have A New Application Or Need Something Quoted, Who Can I Contact?2020-03-15T01:41:28+00:00

Please Reach out to your local representative or Contact Us Here and we’ll direct your inquiry to the proper channel partner or customer service representative for your area.

What Are Your Primary Industries?2020-03-15T01:35:23+00:00

Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Forestry, Mining, Marine, Water Treatment

Which Provinces Does Summit Agencies Cover?2020-03-15T01:33:15+00:00

The provinces of; British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, As well as the Territories of; Yokon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut

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